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Event March 2023

Solo Maitre Coq

First regatta of the season for the Figaro Beneteau 3 yachts and a chance to test the boat after the winter preparations. Ocean Tracking geolocation

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Solo Maitre Coq Tracking

The service

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the 29 Figaro Beneteau III sailboats of the Solo Maître Coq

Study of needs and proposal adapted to the tracking of a two-day coastal race

Type of beacon selected: SK50

Connection type and frequency: 2G/4G on departure and arrival phases and automatic switch to Iridium as soon as the GSM network is no longer available.

Installation and testing

  • Official distribution of markers by the race organizer
  • Presence 2 days before departure of an Ocean Tracking technician
  • Installation of beacons by the organizer and the technical teams of the teams
  • Tests carried out before departure
  • support: 24/7

The specificities

Tracking for the Solo Défi Maître Coq was only set up for the two-day OffShore race.
The SK50 bays which connect via 2G/4G/Iridium have been configured to give a position every minute during the start phase, 5 minutes throughout the race and 2 seconds during the finish phase allowing "live" visibility arrivals on the Internet.
Position recording accelerations have been programmed when passing particular points requested by Race Direction.

Data flows

Provision of initialization files and access codes to the https server to race management to display the data on Adrena

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