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Event June 2023 - Coastal race

The Mini Calva Cup

The Mini Calva Cup is a coastal race which takes place in three distinct stages along the Breton and Normandy coasts. Leg one: Douarnenez/Deauviile - Leg two: Deauville/Deauville with two Channel crossings - Leg three: Deauville/Roscoff.

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Ocean Tracking service:

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the Mini Calva Cup race.

Type of SK50 beacons which connect to 2G/4G along the coast and automatic switch to Iridium as soon as 2G/4G is no longer available.

43 participants

Implementation / Specificity

Tracking initialized with a position every 15 minutes . Every 5 seconds on the departure and arrival phases.

Mapping: Ocean Tracking

Integration of Prohibited zones (DST) with automatic alarm sending (SMS - Email) in the event of crossing.

Automatic arrival clocking.

24/7 support

Communication :

Provision of PosAdrena files to Race management on an HTTP server for race monitoring using specific software: Adrena, Sailgrib, Weather4D, etc.


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