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Ocean Tracking's SK-50 marine and SK-06 beacons, developed with our technical partner Solustop, are proving their performance, reliability and autonomy every week. Whether they are on water or land, the geolocation of the surface to which they are attached is excellent.

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All-weather beacons for adventure and outdoor sports

Knowing your position on land, at sea or in the mountains is a must for adventure sports in the 2000s. Geolocation is becoming increasingly accurate, costs are more affordable and the ability to send data streams to a variety of applications is much easier. One thing is always paramount: choosing the right equipment, but above all deploying it to match the situation and configuring it to meet the exact requirements – this is where Ocean Tracking's experience and expertise stand out.

The SK50 Marine geopositioning beacon

BAlise satellite Iridium et 2G/4G SK50For which kind of adventure would you need an Iridium satellite and 2G/4G SK50 beacon? You would pick the SK50 beacon for any time the beacon is likely to be in a white area of the GSM network (telephone network) and therefore requires satellite geolocation.
Main applications: any monitoring requiring iridium tracking
Offshore and inshore/semi-offshore racing - Round-the-worlds - Offshore cruising - Individual boat tracking - Adventure sports on land - at sea - in the mountains - outdoors - Boat charter fleet -

Developed by Ocean Tracking in partnership with Solustop, the key features are:

  • A 2G/4G/5G connection close to the coast
  • Automatic switchover to the Iridium network as soon as the GSM network is out of range
  • Very long autonomy: 90 days with one pos/hour
  • 100% waterproof to IP68 standard
  • Withstands impacts and the high and low temperatures typical of adventure sports
  • Text messaging on 2G/4G or Iridium via a smartphone app
  • Induction plate charging or cable
  • Alert button
  • Sends alert texts and emails on: battery level – entry/exit area – motion detection
  • Full remote configuration and control via our back office
  • The beacon never switches off: no need to press an on/off button to take control, to initialise a positioning frequency, etc.
  • Exceptionally reliable 100% in 2022

This equipment is ideal for:

  • The frequency with which positions are sent when the beacon is connected to the GSM network: one position every 2 seconds.
  • “Live” tracking of boat, canoe, and sledge movements.
Maximum frequency, 1 pos per minute if the beacon is connected to Iridium

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for among these technical details, please ask us – there is probably a solution.

The SK06 geopositioning beacon

SK06SK06 for which kind of adventure?

For any situation in which the beacon is connected to the GSM network (telephone network)

  • GPRS / LTE-M connection
  • Long battery life: 3300 positions
  • Maximum frequency one position every second
  • Remote management: frequency – load level – alerts
  • Alarm clock on calendar / Movement / Areas