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Ocean Tracking

OCEAN TRACKING is a French brand specialising in global geolocation with technological solutions tailored to its customers' needs. Offshore and inshore racing, regattas, adventure sports, fishing, canoeing, sledge racing, as well as more industrial applications such as tracking fleets, tracking commercial and fishing vessels, and individual tracking.

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Geolocation solutions

Ocean Tracking

  • 30 years of experience in the world of sailing racing and adventure sports
  • 15 years' experience in race management
  • 15 years' experience in organising nautical events
  • 40 years' experience in IT development
  • Based in Brittany


  • 20 years' experience in beacon design
  • More than 12,000 beacons worldwide
  • A company in which people matter
  • A team focused on High-Tech R&D
  • Design – Development – Integration in France. Based in Paris


  • SK-50 beacon : 2G/4G/Iridium beacon for your events in areas with or without a GSM network requiring mixed 2G/4G/5G or satellite connections.
  • SK-06 beacon : a beacon that can only be connected in 2G-4G-5G mode, i.e. in areas connected to the GSM network.

Ocean Tracking's Goal // Areas of Expertise

Tracking at the heart of your adventure with 2G/4G or 2G/4G/Iridium beacons, High-tech beacons to meet the most demanding requirements. (Outstanding autonomy - customised configurations.)

  • Tracking sailing events: offshore races, regattas, coastal runs, etc.s
  • Training centers: track to the second
  • Rally racing - Individual tracking
  • Water sports: fishing competitions - canoe adventure trips
  • Adventure sport: on land, sea, in the mountains or in the great outdoors, but always connected
  • Commercial maritime tracking: fleet of rental boats - canoe adventure tripscommercial vessels - fishing boats