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Event organizers

The innovative solutions offered by Ocean Tracking will allow you to set up an efficient tracking solution for your event. We will also be a source of suggestions for new settings developed by our development teams.

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Let's organize the tracking of your event together

Your event

We offer two approaches to identify your event and offer you the best technical and commercial solution .

1. An approach by objective - writing your specifications which you send to us.
2. You study our catalog of events already held and you let us know which one(s) is closest to your organization.

Once your need has been identified, we will send you an offer with classic tracking proposals and our innovative proposals to provide something extra for your participants.

A live relationship

Your event will be subject to various constraints : weather, last minute change of participants, modification of program, route, etc.

You must be able to count on a privileged relationship with our technicians to immediately answer your questions, to resolve a technical problem or to adapt the service to an unforeseen parameter. We will be on standby 24/7 during your event with the means to try to respond to you in less than three rings.
In addition to the quality of our technical services, our commitment is to be at your side when you need us.