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Event September 2023

The 40 Malouine

The 40 Malouine is a race for Class 40 yachts organised by the Société Nautique de Saint Malo. The race includes a 24-hour inshore regatta and several offshore races over a period of 2 days.

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The service

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the 24 sailboats participating in the “La 40 Malouine” race .

Study of needs and proposal adapted to the tracking of a 24-hour off-shore race .

Type of beacon selected: SK50

Connection type and frequency: 2G/4G along the coasts and automatic switch to Iridium as soon as the GSM network is no longer available.

Installation and testing

  • official distribution of markers by the race organizer
  • then installation by the boat technical teams
  • with the support of Ocean Tracking technical support
  • support: 24/7

The specificities

Tracking initialized with a position every 15 minutes. Every 5 seconds on the departure and arrival phases. At 10 miles of virtual waypoints, the beacons record a position every 2 seconds and download these positions automatically to the servers as soon as they connect to the 2G/4G network.

  • Mapping: Ocean Tracking
  • Integration of Prohibited zones (Wind Zone) with automatic sending of alarms (SMS - Email) in the event of crossing
  • Automatic arrival clocking

Data flows

Provision of PosAdrena files to race management on an HTTPS server for race monitoring using specific software: Adrena, Sailgrib, Weather4D , etc.

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