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Foire aux questions

Ocean Tracking answers your questions about the deployment of our tracking and geolocation solutions: stages, milestones, schedule, lead times, support during the event. And if you have any other questions, please get in touch ;-) we will add the answers to the FAQ. See you soon!

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  • How do I start the beacons?

    The beacons do not have an ON/OFF button. They are always on. In storage mode, they transmit one position per day.
     Everything is remotely programmed.

  • SK50 beacons automatically switch from 2G/4G to Iridium transmission. Can you explain this?

    Our SK50 beacon will primarily look for a 2G/4G connection to transmit its position. In the event of failure (beacon too far from a GSM relay antenna), the beacon automatically connects to the Iridium network and transmits its position via this satellite network.

  •  What are the fastest connection frequencies?

    When the beacon is connected to the GSM network, the transmission frequency can be every 2 seconds.
        (2 seconds for mixed GPRS/Iridium SK50 beacons and 1 second for GPRS-only SK06 beacons)
        Iridium’s maximum frequency is one position/minute.

  • Is it possible to automate the scoring of finishes or the crossing of specific points or gates in races?

    Yes. If the finish line or the area where the beacon will be detected is perfectly defined (latitude - longitude or zone drawing), the beacon can give a position to the nearest second.

  • How do I configure a race?

    We will ask you for the course, the list of racers, the planned start and finish dates, the transmission frequencies, any special areas (prohibited, compulsory, etc.) and our technical team will configure everything for you a few days before the event. You can then manage the list of participants, retirements, etc. yourself.

  • How can I retrieve data for other software? Adrena, Squid, or SailGrib

    We will send you an initialisation file (.dcc) showing the beacon/participant cross-references.
    We will give you an https (or ftp) server address where you can retrieve all the new positions as soon as they arrive on the server.

    Note: an adjustable parameter makes it very easy to retrieve the position history for as long as you want, as soon as your application is connected to the server.

  • Can I rent out an individual beacon?

    Yes. For example, if you want to cross the Atlantic, we can rent you a beacon and set up the corresponding cartography. Your friends and family will be able to follow your progress, course and speed. You can even send and receive short text messages via the beacon using a Bluetooth app on your smartphone.