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Geolocation Solutions

We offer a variety of approaches to working out your tracking project’s specifications. In any event, our teams will be able to help you outline your needs and will offer you a customised geolocation solution that is effective and reliable.

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GPRS and GPRS/Iridium beacons tailored to each project

To meet your needs with precision, we can provide a
technical approach or a comparative approach based on real-life situations.

You can also consult the FAQ section for simple answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Technical approach

Technical approach

Study of your needs. We can help you answer the following questions:

  • What will be the network coverage?
  • What will be the frequency of the positions transmitted?
  • Frequency of the GPS positions recorded in the beacon? (Downloaded to our servers as soon as a 2G/4G connection is detected.)
  • Duration of the event?Durée de l'évènement ?
  • Geographic location?
  • Track recording?
  • Availability of positions transmitted to other software?
  • Alert zones for crossing restricted or prohibited areas?
  • What alarms should be programmed and to whom (minimum or maximum speed, battery charge, entry/exit area, etc.)?
  • Help with writing detailed specifications for your project

Comparative approach

The vast majority of tracking projects are similar, so it is easy to find an event or a situation in one of our featured projects that is similar to what you need.

Browse the list of geolocation projects we have deployed in recent years and months on our Events page.
Compare the events closely related to your project and send us your studies so that we can offer you the best solution.

Internet cartography - Iridium/2G/4G satellite tracking/geolocation report

Caerographie Internet Tracking

  • Internet cartography customised in your colours and with your logos
  • Time recording to the second on particular transitions or at the finishing line
  • Cartography for race tracking or individual tracking
  • Real time or time compensation ranking
  • Bubble information with course - speed - distance to first, etc.
  • Synchronised or delayed animation when positions are received
  • Track replay
  • Weather display
  • Extraction of track in kml format
  • Editing of an intermediate positions table (CSV file))


Data flow

Our core business is to provide you with a reliable beacon, with custom settings to meet your needs.

We can provide you with applications for viewing (cartography) or displaying the data (Excel files, others) to make the most of the data we receive.

You might need us to retrieve data for use on other private or public software:
Your personal cartography - your routing software - database management - mobile phone position analysis, etc.

Native or specific applications developed according to your needs

  • Provision of beacon positions on FTP or HTPPS servers - Secure access.
  • Provision of APIs and Webhooks so that your applications can communicate with our servers.