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Event August 2023

3 nights of Joran

The Three Nights of Joran race takes place in Switzerland on Lake Bienne on J70s. Three days of double-handed racing with 13 sailboats to circle on a course from one end of the lake to the other.

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The service

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the Trois nuits du Joran race

Study of needs and proposal of a tracking and mapping solution for the Trois nuits du Joran race

Type of beacons used: the SK50 which connect to this race mainly via 2G/4G with a frequency of 2 minutes.
Some iridium connections on the route in case of absence of GSM network

24/7 support

Installation and testing

  • Delivery of beacons by carrier in secure suitcase.
  • Distribution and fixing of markers on boats by the organizer
  • Initialization of the race by Ocean Tracking technicians
  • Geolocation and transmission every 10 minutes between buoys and 1 minute at 5 miles around the marks to turn
  • Implementation of the system for counting the number of laps completed

The specificities

The classification is carried out by counting the number of laps and the first to finish the race is the one who counted

the most laps in the allotted time. Ocean Tracking has set up a specific computer application to count the number of laps completed.

Mapping: Ocean Tracking

Automatic arrival clocking.


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