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Event May 2022 - Offshore racing

The Arctic Vendée

The Vendée Arctic is a race reserved for IMOCA sailboats. 3,500 miles from Les Sables d'Olonne towards the far north with the ambition of circumnavigating Iceland and exploring sailing areas rarely frequented by sailors more accustomed to going to the far south. Solo, non-stop and without assistance, this regatta in the northern seas qualifies for the 2024 Vendée Globe.

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Technological context

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of the solution for tracking the positions of the 25 sailboats , with its own fleet of beacons , rented to the organization and installed by the technical team of skippers / the organizing team with the support of the technical team.

Beacon type: SK50 marine

Cartography: entrusted to the company Géovoile

Data management: implementation of the data flow -API- for recovery of positions by Géovoile

Settings: for the first 5 hours of racing frequency of position acquisition every 5 minutes in 2G/4G , then in broad navigation acquisition every 15 minutes via Iridium satellite . 30 nautical miles from the virtual finish line following course reduction, new adjustment of position acquisition every 5 minutes.

Implementation / Specifics

The meteorology of the 1st edition of this nautical event imposed a reduction in the route with the establishment of a virtual finish line close to Iceland. The frequency of acquisition of beacons when approaching this fictitious finish line was reduced from 15 minutes to 2 seconds in order to validate the official arrival times and the final classification of the race.

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