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Event - Offshore racing

The Transquadra

2nd leg linking Madeira to Martinique with a frequency of 1 pos/hour requested by the organiser. Acceleration of 1 pos/min for the finish phase. The beacons lost 20% of their charge over an average of 20 days of racing.

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Course Ocean Tracking Transquadra

The service

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the transatlantic ocean race La Transquadra

Study of needs and proposal adapted to the tracking of an offshore sailboat race

Type of beacon selected: SK50

Type and frequency of connection: on the 2G/4G departure and arrival phases and automatic switch to Iridium offshore when the GSM network disappears.

Installation and testing

  • Travel of an Ocean Tracking technician to the starting points of the race
  • Installation of beacons by the boat technical teams and verification by the Ocean Tracking technician and the organizer
  • Mapping carried out by the company Géovoile: Ocean Tracking Transquadra mapping
  • Tests of beacons and transmission of position data to Géovoile carried out before departure
  • support: 24/7

The specificities

Tracking initialized with a position every 30 minutes . Every minute on the departure and arrival phases.
Departure and arrival zones are programmed before departure, the beacons accelerate their pace to the programmed value when they are in these zones

At 10 miles of virtual waypoints, the beacons record a position every 2 seconds and download these positions automatically to the servers as soon as they connect to the 2G/4G network.

  • Transquadra website: Transquadra
  • Programming the beacon button: pressing the button by the skipper means: I have a small problem that I am managing but everything is fine on board, no worries. The alert is received via text message and/or email from the race director and other scheduled people.
  • Automatic arrival clocking

Data flows

Provision of PosAdrena files to race management on an HTTPS server for race monitoring using specific software: Adrena, Sailgrib, Weather4D , etc.

Participants connect manually or automatically to this server to retrieve the position of competitors and display them on their routing software.