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Event October 2023


24-hour race for Ultim maxi trimaran sailing yachts, requiring highly accurate tracking.

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Course trimaran Ultim 24hUltim

The service

Ocean Tracking is the official supplier of tracking beacons for the 24h record race on the maxi Ultim trimarans: the 24hUltim

Study of needs and proposal adapted to the tracking of a maxi trimaran race lasting 24 hours

Type of beacon selected: SK50

Type and frequency of connection: 2G/4G along the coasts and automatic switch to Iridium as soon as the GSM network is no longer available

with position transmission every minute and every 5 minutes. Recording of positions every 10 seconds when passing virtual waypoints.

Installation and testing

  • Delivery of beacons to Lorient by Ocean Tracking in secure suitcase
  • official distribution and installation of markers by the race organizer
  • Connection tests carried out by Ocean Tracking
  • support: 24/7

The specificities

A 24-hour race on the ULTIM trimarans required very high geolocation precision. The speeds of the boats being high, a delay of a few tens of seconds
can change the display of rankings.

It was agreed with the organizer a position transmission every minute during the first two hours of the race and over the last 30 miles, in between a transmission
position every 5 seconds. Around the virtual waypoints the positions were recorded every 10 seconds. These position recordings were sent back to the cartography as soon as the beacons connected via 2G/4G when passing near the coast.
The cartography was entrusted to the specialized company Géovoile to produce very graphic maps.

  • Mapping 24hUltim Mapping
  • Automatic pointing of waypoint crossings and arrivals

Data flows

Provision of data flows to Géovoile management enabling it to run Internet cartography.