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Arkea Ultim Challenge

Ocean Tracking on the Arkea Ultim Challenge


Ocean Tracking equips the Ultimate World Tour


Specific 2G/4G (SK06)  only trackers equip boats to send a position every two seconds. This data is analyzed live, and makes it possible to display on TV live the heading/speed of the boats, the distance between them, the distance to the starting line, to the next mark.

Off the coast

2G/4G/Iridium trackres are also equipped on the boats and will provide positions regularly (expected every hour). The record time around the world will be recorded to the nearest second. Frequency accelerations can be programmed remotely as needed. All this data will remain off to validate the holding of the trackers around the world during an exceptional race.

Arrival phase

For the last 30 miles of racing the frequencies will increase to 5 minutes with a position recording (in the tracker) every two seconds. (Identical programming on the start phase) in order to record the race time to the nearest second on the finish line of the record which will serve as a reference in subsequent editions.

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