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Transat Jacques Vabre - Ocean Tracking

The Transat Jacques Vabre will set off from Le Havre on 29 October 2023. 95 boats in the Ultim – Imoca – Ocean Fifty – Class40 categories will be taking part. The highest numbers are among the Class 40s and the Imoca yachts, with more than 40 boats in each of these classes. Ocean Tracking will provide the boats’ positions.


Track the boats in the Transat Jacques Vabre with Ocean Tracking


In the first four hours of the race, positions will be transmitted every minute. The race management will then send positions every 15 minutes.

Off the coast

Offshore positions will be transmitted by Iridium every 15 minutes.

Finish phase

For the last 50 miles of racing, the frequency will be increased to 5 minutes or less if the boats are at very close quarters. As soon as the beacons are connected to the 2G/4G network, the frequency can be every 2 seconds.


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